Introducing, Ten Effective Ways To Maintain Your Weight The Easy Way!

  Losing weight and maintaining it are the most difficult goals that you have to achieve especially when you are at the point in your life where losing a pound is an impossible task. There are so many suggested ways to lose weight but not all of them are proven to be effective and safe. According to the recent research analysis of the National Weight Control Registry, long-term weight maintenance is doable as long as you follow certain behaviors that can help you make that change.

Ten Steps To A Better You!

Perseverance and your willingness to lose weight and keeping it off will not always be enough according to some dieticians and dieters. There are certain behaviors that you should follow that can greatly affect not only physically but also mentally for you to be able to achieve the weight that you desire. Here are the tips from the experts that you should know of:

  1. Build More Muscles. It is important that you maintain or increase your metabolism by continuing to build more lean muscles. Always remember that muscles have higher metabolism compared to fat. If training with weights is not yet on your program, you should add this now to increase the amount of weight that you are working out with to keep yourself challenged.
  1. Fight Off Hunger with Filling Foods. According to a study from University of Pittsburgh that was conducted on 284 women who are 24 – 45 years old makes it easier to avoid weight gain by eating foods that can help them feel full. You can achieve this by taking in foods that are high in fiber, fruits and vegetables, whole grains and also lean protein.
  1. Avoid Temptation. The temptation will always kill our goals in maintaining a healthy body weight. According to the University of Pittsburgh studies, women who are able to control their weight are the best with it comes to resisting the temptation. However, this does not mean that you have to totally stop eating treats and desserts. Instead, limit your moments. Try to plan ahead when you want to eat out and eat as less as you can.
  1. Be Mindful Of Your Calories. Regularly counting your calories is another way for most women to maintain a desirable weight. You can keep a journal, or download an application that you can use all throughout the day to record your progress. Most women who take less than 1,800 calories a day are considered to have limited fat intake.
  1. Plan Your Meals Ahead. According to experts, maintenance diets are somewhat the same as the weight-loss diet. You need to have a meal-by-meal plan that you can stick with. Normally, this will have more calories compared to your diet plan but this will act as your guide to keep you on track.
  1. Add More Minutes To Your Exercise. Fitness experts believe that 30 minutes a day of physical activities for a total of 5 days a week but putting more emphasis on “the more you exercise, the better” mentality can help you better maintain a weight loss. Keep your goal at about 60 to 90 minutes of physical activities every single day.
  1. Measure Your Portions. One of the biggest factors that contributed to the success of weight control is weighing portions and fats, especially caloric foods. This doesn’t mean that you have to bring a weighing scale everywhere you go, but using it at home as often as you can is very important. This will teach you how to eyeball the portions and sizes at restaurants and you would have an estimate of how much to eat when not at home.
  1. Weigh Yourself Every day. Many would think that weighing yourself every day is too much, but in reality, this will help you take note of the changes that you have within the day. According to a study, those who weigh themselves on a daily basis have twice as much success in losing weight. This can be discouraging when you are still on a diet, but when maintaining your weight comes, this can help you stop and make adjustments to your daily routine.
  1. Include Dairy. Those who are eating three or more servings of a low-fat dairy every day are more likely to be able to keep off the weight compared to those who eat one serving or less in a day. For women, doing this can increase the benefit of improving your bone health.
  1. Your Plate Should Be Your Guide. Using the “plate method” is one of the most effective ways when you are counting the calories or when you are measuring your portions. One sure tip is when you are serving yourself using the plate method, over 50% of what you have on your plate should have vegetables, and the remaining portion should be divided equally for lean protein and whole grains. When you want to go back for seconds, limit your choices to vegetables, fruits, or low-fat dairy only.

The Negative Effects Of Overweight And Obesity

When your weight goes out of your control, you will be at risk of different deadly health complications. This is the reason why both men and women should watch their weight by eating the right foods and doing exercise regularly. If not, here are some of the possible serious diseases and health conditions that you might be at risk of:

  • High blood pressure. This is also known as “hypertension” and this is one of the common diseases where the volume of blood that flows through your blood vessels or arteries is very high.
  • Type 2 Diabetes. Also known as “Diabetes mellitus”, Type 2 Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that can be long-term and is usually characterized by a high blood sugar. This can also cause insulin resistance, and even insulin deficiency. The most common symptoms include increased thirst, frequent urination, and sudden unexplained weight loss.
  • This is a very common degenerative disease of the cartilage and the bones surrounding it. This can cause severe pain and stiffness in the hip, knee and the thumb joints.

Losing and maintaining our weight is very important if we want to be healthy. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent serious health conditions that can put our lives at risk. Follow the simple yet very effective steps mentioned above and in just a short period of time, you will be able to see the noticeable changes not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally.


Reasons Why HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS Are Important

With the hustle and bustle of our lives, sometimes the natural vitamins and minerals that we get from our daily meals are not enough. This is why many are encouraged to take health supplements to take advantage of the benefits that they can get from them. Most of these health supplements are safe and very effective.

Health supplements are products that are specifically designed to improve an individual’s daily intake of the nutrients, as well as vitamins and minerals. Though there are many supplements that we can choose from. Some are botanical, oils, probiotics, and so much more. But what are the benefits that we can get from these products?

Health Supplement BENEFITS That You Should Know Of

With a balanced diet, you can get the nutrients that your body needs from the food and fruits that you eat. But with your active lifestyle and the stress that you experience with your hectic schedule, you burn out and the nutrients in your body will not be enough to compensate for what you need. As a result, you get tired easily. When you are taking supplements, these would be able to provide additional nutrients to avoid developing insufficiency.

According to scientific research, health supplements can provide us with benefits that can be helpful in treating some health conditions too. One perfect example is when women take a good dose of niacin. It can help raise the good cholesterol as well as folic acid which is beneficial in reducing birth defects which are also known as spina bifida. Aside from that, here are good examples of why health supplements are good for you.

  • Protein Supplements. We know that protein is a macronutrient and you need to consume this every day to make sure that you have ample support for growth, tissue maintenance, and also immune health. When you cannot eat enough protein-rich foods, there are alternatives like the powders, shakes, and bars that can provide you with an amount of protein that you will need for the day.
  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplements. Our body needs all the vitamins and minerals that it can get but the amount that each of us needs vary depending on the age and health status. Health supplements would be able to help you achieve optimum health when your dietary intake is low, may be due to a calorie-restricted diet or maybe just because you are not fond of eating foods with a specific nutrient.
  • Calorie Supplements. Supplements that are high in calorie are very important especially when you are dealing with health conditions like cancer. This kind of disease can result in different nutritional deficiencies because of the changes in how your body metabolizes food, and also because of appetite loss. Other health problems like AIDS and anorexia can also cause body wasting which is why supplements that can provide protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats are highly recommended for these cases to help combat weight loss while recovering from these health problems.

Possible Risks of Taking Health Supplements

Like other products, health supplements can also cause possible health risks when not taken appropriately. This usually happens when we try to self-medicate and without the proper guidance of a healthcare professional which is why it is very important and it is highly recommended to visit a doctor first before you take any products even like health supplements. Many health supplements have active ingredients that can possibly cause strong effects in our body.

These supplements can cause side effects when you take them instead of the prescribed medications, or when you take too much of the product. There are supplements that can increase the chance of bleeding especially when the supplement is taken after the surgery because this can affect the body’s response to anesthesia. Dietary supplements can also interact with prescription drugs which can be the reason why it causes problems. Here are the possible risks that you can get from taking health supplements:

  • Vitamin K. This can possibly reduce the ability of blood thinner Coumadin to prevent blood from clotting.
  • John’s Wort. This can speed up the breakdown of drugs like antidepressants and birth control pills and strongly reduce the effectiveness of these products.
  • Antioxidants (Vitamins C and E). Although these are some of the most important vitamins that our body needs, too much of these products can also reduce the effectiveness of cancer chemotherapy.

Have A Chat With Your Healthcare Provider First

When it comes to our health, experimentation and self-medicating can have a huge negative impact that we would not want to experience. This is the reason why taking with a healthcare provider; can be a doctor, nurse, pharmacists, or dietitians) can provide you a better advice instead of trying to treat yourself on your own. Remember that when you are not feeling right, this is how your body warns you that something is not right.

Let your healthcare provider know of the dietary supplements that you are taking or you plan to add on your daily supplements so he or she can determine the supplements that can give you great value. Always take note of the products that you are taking, just like when you are taking your medications. This includes the product name, dosage, frequency of use, and the reason why you are taking it. When you have a scheduled appointment with your doctor, try bringing these supplements so you can have a professional opinion about them.

Health Supplements – Are They Good For You?

YES! We cannot avoid that we sometimes face problems with our health, but we can definitely do something to prevent it from happening. We need to take good care of our body by taking Colombian Gold Regular Seeds. We should not let the stress and the pressure in our lives rule over us. However, you must also remember that too much of everything is bad. Keep in mind that these ingredients that you can find in your supplements are also added to some of the foods like the breakfast cereals and beverages. Talk to your doctor about this to determine your options before you decide to take these health supplements.