Simple Tricks This 2018 To Have A Healthy And Shiny Looking Hair

  Summer is the best part of the year to spend some time at the beach and soak in salt water and just enjoy the heat. However, this is not the very best times for our hair! It gets frizzy, dry, and unruly most of the time and gets it ready in time for the long and dry winter can be a huge task. Knowing the tricks on how to have a healthy and shiny looking hair is very important. Remember that our hair is our crowning glory and people can’t help but notice it right away if it is unkempt. So here are the simple tricks to help you along the way.

What Causes Hair To Frizz?

Frizzy hair happens when the cuticle layer of your hair is raised that allows the moisture to pass through its swell strands. This will result to make your hair look dry and frizzy instead of it being smooth and defined. Naturally, curly hair will have more frizz compared to straight hair because of the dehydration in the strands that leaving it more vulnerable to frizzing. But why does your hair become dehydrated? Here are the reasons why:

  • If you are not drinking enough water which is at least half of your weight in ounces per day
  • Not eating a balanced diet.
  • You are not sleeping with satin or silk accessories causing your hair to rub roughly against the drying materials.
  • Not using enough hair conditioner and usually using the wrong kinds of hair products.
  • Your shampoo is drying out your hair.
  • The oils and moisturizers that you are using are not penetrating the hair shaft.
  • The medications that you are using can cause damage to your body and it affects the health of your hair.

Effective Ways To Achieve A Healthier And Shinier Hair 

There are so many suggestions on health and beauty magazines or blogs on how to properly care for our hair, but most of these are not really effective. It is important that you know how to take care of your hair to make it look healthy and shiny. Here are the easiest ways to help you achieve a healthier looking lock.

Wash Your Hair The Right Way

When you buy a shampoo, the most common instructions would be, “Lather, Rinse, Repeat,” however, this is not applicable for everyone. If you want to achieve the healthiest looking locks, start by rinsing your hair in the shower. Rub a quarter-sized amount of shampoo into your roots and spend more time massaging your scalp if you have thick and long hair. There’s no more need to scrub your ends or repeat the process.

Rinse your hair and condition it from the mid-length up to the ends and let it sit for a few minutes before you give it another rinse. Contrary to popular belief, giving your hair a final rinse of cold water will not leave it extra-shiny. According to the experts, a cold-water-rinse technique is just a tall tale. Just dry your hair with a squeeze using a towel. Remember not to rub it vigorously since it will cause breakage and will strip your hair off of its glorious shine.

Use Clarifying Shampoo

Pollutants can easily get into your hair and it can make it look less shiny and duller. When we are using products onto our hair, the oils that we secret and the dirt that accumulates that we pick up every day get stuck in our hair. This is why we need an extra help when it comes to cleansing and clarifying shampoo is all that we need. This can remove all of the unwanted pollutants from our hair and will leave it looking fresh and shiny. However, this product can also strip our hair off with the good stuff if we use it too often. According to experts, using a clarifying shampoo on your hair once a week is more than enough.

Use Argan Oil

Skip the shimmering oil and use Argan oil instead. The shimmering spray may be the easiest way to gloss it up but it can bring more harm to your hair. Most of the hairsprays have an ingredient called “mica” which can make your hair shine but it can also rough up the hair shaft and remove the natural gleam of your hair in long-term use. Hair experts these days recommend for their clients to use argan oil. These products will not only make your hair look shiny, but it can also improve its texture. Make sure that you start with a small amount especially if you have fine hair.

Vitamin E Massage

Vitamin E capsules can be bought even at the Whole Foods. Just snip off the ends of 10 -12 capsules and squeeze its contents into a bowl. Before you, shampoo, apply it to your hair and give it a little massage. Dr. Stafford Broumand, a cosmetic and plastic surgeon, Vitamin E can help increase the circulation of the scalp and by massaging your locks with the oil, your hair will feel stronger and will look healthier and shinier.

The Magic Of Natural-Bristle Brush

According to our grandmas, brushing your hair can make it look shinier and healthier. For better results, it is best that you use a 100% wild-boar brush because these stiff and rough-feeling brushes can draw natural oils from the roots of your hair down to its ends which can promote a natural gloss and shine. This can also help volumize fine hair.

Making sure that your hair gets the right nutrients and care that it needs regularly can help you achieve a healthier and shinier looking hair. Remember that when your hair is damaged, bringing back the shine and its health can be a challenge. The transformation does not happen overnight. You have to be patient and use the right products in order to bring back the life to your hair. Just follow the simple tricks listed above to help you achieve your hair goals easier. It won’t be long until your hair will be back to its old self; healthy and shiny.