Tips to have soft lips

soft lips

There is no doubt that when we interact with others, one of the parts of our body that people tend to look at more are our lips. We look at the lips of the person who is talking to us not only because it is a part of the body that moves while speaking, but also because it is one of the most prominent parts of the face. It is very important to keep your lips healthy and smooth, so this time we will tell you some tips to have soft lips.

Exfoliate your lips

One of the best ways to keep lips soft and smooth is to exfoliate them. About once a week, when you brush your teeth, brush your brush gently over your lips to remove small layers of dead skin and promote good blood flow. Of course, remember to do this very carefully, because depending on the strength you apply or the firmness of the brush, you could irritate or hurt your lips. Another way to exfoliate your lips is to make a mixture of honey and sugar, which you can apply with the same toothbrush.

Drink plenty of water

The effects of dehydration on the body are quickly felt on the lips, which lose their natural coloration. Therefore, take enough water throughout the day so that the hydration of your body is also reflected in your lips.

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Use honey

As we have already indicated, honey has great properties for a skin that looks fresh and healthy, an effect that you can also achieve on your lips. To do this, apply honey abundantly on your lips and let it make its effect for at least half an hour. You will notice the difference.

Use lip balm

The use of lip balm protects your lips from the effects of the weather, especially the wind and cold, which could eventually cause your lips to crack. Try to wear a lip balm with you to use when you need it.

Do not wet your lips with saliva

A common habit is to spread your tongue over your lips to supposedly moisturize them. In fact, this practice affects its brightness and its softness, since the saliva has a different acidity to the lips, which can dry them.

Do not tear the skin off your lips

When you notice that there is a bit of dead skin on your lips, you may be tempted to tear it off with your fingernails or tweezers, but this practice is not recommended because the skin pull can pull a part of a healthy and living skin, and this could cause bleeding and even infections. Now you know. Now, to show off your soft lips!

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