Time and stress in the profession: The value of one day per month

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Of course, one day a month does not change your life, but it can be the first step to improve (in contrast to what you might think) your office effectiveness and at the same time take some care of yourself. Let’s try to think how much time each of us dedicates to ourselves is enough. Do I mean, to myself, in a sacred and regenerating solitude, without thinking of work, family, commitments? We spend whole days together with others, where we have most often appeared to have a party, to wear clothes and to play a script that at best we chose the content but not the rhythms.

It would be nice, once a month, to spend a whole day together with ourselves, enough to give space and depth to the sense of what we are doing. “Happiness is not doing all that is wanted but wanting all that is done”.

Many feel that it is impossible to take a day off (not on Saturdays or Sundays) entirely devoted to oneself: I can say that it would be nice but not practical for the kind of business, family organization, type of work. Others, on the other hand, lovers of all or nothing, in the face of this possibility, shrug their nose saying that it does not serve anything one day a month. But will that be so? Every change begins with a first step and that is nothing concrete that will prevent us, if not ourselves. We ourselves put these pallets on them, which we do not allow a vent valve every now and then and think that time is a box made to be filled. You should not forget that quality of life must be the way we conduct our journey and not the goal of our journey that, by doing so, will probably never come.

Some professionals just thinking of indulging a day of work feel guilty of guilt or a sense of irresponsibility. Scheduling a day out of the schemes, not productive, not adhering to what we are accustomed to doing on a daily basis, is instead healthy, not just because of the pattern break; so we begin to train the ability to do new things, to see from other perspectives and to distance ourselves from everyday life so as to allow our mind to reduce the pressure that, like a pressure pot, is constantly subjected.

In short, getting out of that firing or carousing, as they like to repeat lawyers and accountants in the coaching paths we conduct together, referring to their frantic days, is a real problem for many. Yet there is no boat racer with the switch in hand that can decide the duration by the beginning and the end of this carousel. That jetty, to which we attribute so many wrongdoings and to which we are alluding to every pie, are actually ourselves. Buffo, right? Instead of being our best ally, we sometimes find ourselves acting as our worst jailer.

The day’s journey is often reduced to becoming “alive” at the end of the day, already this – as many professionals repeat – is a good result with the times that run.

But let’s go back to the project for a while, all for us. Take the agenda and go on the month you are ahead (the month following the current one). Well, at a glance, you can already see what are the free days of commitments, that is, that you have not yet filled with tasks, meetings, activities. Do not consider weekends, but only the days of the working week. Imagine what of these days you’d like to keep it free, all for you. Marked at that day “For me”. That’s the day of the month dedicated to you: gym, sauna and massage; shopping; walk to the sea; hours in library; lying on the couch to listen to music … everyone will find what he likes and who usually considers a “luxury” to the limits of time loss: that’s exactly what will fill your day of relaxation. Stop. Be categorized that no event may be more important than meeting you with yourself is crucial and impracticable. Resist the temptation you will come up with several times to replace the commitment you have taken with yourself with another happening with a customer and you feel important. Once moved, that day for you, you will not recover it anymore. You are your best customer!

At first, it creates some disorientation. “But how, with all the commitments I have, I’m going to waste that one day?” Thousands of these thoughts will fade in your mind. You have the antidote with these thoughts: you answer that it is not time lost! Indeed, it’s the best way to reload voltages and charge batteries. It is the moment of real relaxation, useful in taking distances from everyday life, making the point of the situation, leaving the mind free to make their own thoughts, to have thoughts scattered. It’s the best time to create new ideas to fix those that have long been in your mind, but you never have time to dedicate.

What day will we do then? Everything we really like, we said. Very simple things as well. No commitments or commissions! Do not fill that day, enjoy it!

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