At what time is it healthier to take each food?

food time

Losing or gaining weight is not so much because of what you eat, but in the moments when it is done. Although it is not a strict scheduling regime, except in the diets prescribed by specialists, there are fundamental rules when eating certain foods.

Here are some recommendations on the most appropriate times to take each food, at specific times of the day.

It is healthier to do at least five meals a day

The times in which they were educated to eat three times a day have officially been in the past. Today, unanimously, all specialists argue that people should eat at least five times each day. That includes the traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus two snacks or snacks, between meals.

This is complemented by another idea deeply rooted in the medical profession, which maintains that the terms between one meal and another can never be longer than three hours. Otherwise, it is quite probable the appearance of problems of overweight or the impossibility of losing the remaining pounds.

The reason for this assertion is that, once that time is over, the body will notice that it is not receiving enough energy recharges and will begin to save. This will cause the metabolism to slow down and not burn calories properly.

Breakfast: the most important meal of the day

The first meal of the day has to serve to replenish all the energies that were used during the hours of sleep, as well as to prepare the body for the day of physical and mental effort that is about to start.

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Experts recommend not skipping any food, and in the case of breakfast are essential. You have to start the day by taking the necessary nutrients. It is understood that the healthiest breakfast consists of a dairy food, a fruit, and cereals. However, this is not a closed rule. As for the schedules, you should eat breakfast as early as possible, never after 10.

Lunch at noon

Experts argue that the best time to take the “third” (not the “second”) meal of the day is between 13 and 15 hours. Taking high-calorie meals after 3 in the afternoon is particularly counterproductive, for the kilos that could be added to the body, since the process to digest food becomes more inefficient.

At night you have to get ready to sleep

Just as breakfast should be blunt with the purpose of gathering energy for the day, to begin with, dinner should be the lightest of all meals of the day. It is healthier to eat early and fish or lean meats are recommended, accompanied by some dairy (provided we do not have any gastric problems).

Food intake after 22 hours, all they get, in addition to the risk of making us gain a little more weight, is to provoke nightmares and insomnia problems.

 About desserts, fruits, coffee, and snacks

Desserts are often always in focus when it comes to talking about diets, losing weight or not gaining weight.

  • There are those who claim that they should be banished from the menu without any contemplation.
  • There are less radical opinions, which claim that they can be eaten in moderation, but under no circumstances, after any of the three main meals.

In the case of desserts, it is recommended to take them first thing in the morning, since before noon the body processes much better carbohydrates. Another good time is just before embarking on some physical activity: it will fill the body with energy, without forcing the stomach too hard.

One tip that is becoming fashionable is to take a piece of fruit before eating and not as dessert. It is a good way to lessen the feeling of hunger and. In addition, achieve a satiating effect.

Moisturize well: as important as eating

There is no healthy diet if you do not consume enough water.

The specialists also have defined some moments for this:

  • Two glasses of water just wake up to purify the body.
  • One glass half an hour before main meals, as well as before bathing and sleeping.

In total, you should consume between liter and a half and two liters of water a day.

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