Stress does not help to work better or more

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The stress is an integral part of everyday life for everyone. For the greater, it is perceived as a negative factor that cannot be controlled. Actually, it is a state that responds to external conditions and how can it act on it.

Managing the accumulation of negative emotions and turning them to the positive is possible, with some exercise, learning to recognize the type of stress we are subjected and following some tips on how to prevent work stress.

What does it mean for our body to be subject to constant stress? How to channel this all and transform it into a new force?

We immediately disown a myth that often lurks in professional firms and companies: stress does not help to work better and not even more. Stress worsens. Start from here. We have to make a distinction: Distress and Edustress. The two are not the same thing, for nothing. The first is the wicked one, which is bad and does not materialize in a quality output and often even in quantity. The second is the voltage that is useful to meet deadlines and to be “on the piece” as they say. The alternative in these cases would be apathy, lack of stimuli and adequate motivation.

Transforming stress

Our daily challenge as a professional, therefore, is certainly not defeating stress, because it would be virtually impossible. Our true challenge is to transform stress from “bad” and useless (or harmful) into a productive tension …

How to do? Let’s see some principles that can help us in this …

  • Breaks baby step problems, so in more manageable micro issues;
  • Breathe, breathe deeply and do not get caught by the anxiety of wanting to finish right away;
  • Make the points of the situation and rejoice in the state of “work progress” to motivate and reward you;
  • Modify the approach to problem situations: no longer “problems” that you have to handle, but challenges that will allow you to improve and thus increase you;
  • Take breaks to recover your energies and mental lucidity. Often it is a lack of vision or to be too attached to things that hinder us instead of helping us.

Stress, stress, stress. A travel companion of our days. Frenzy in rhythms, a lot of stress, multitasking, little time to do things. It looks like a movie you’ve seen, every day comes back with the same soundtrack: the tension for the thousand commitments that we have to cope with. And for us? Time to relax? To enjoy life? To meet friends and see our cute children the night before the baby? Little, very little!

Stress is also a natural mechanism, provided by nature with a protective function. You cannot and should not be eliminated, rather you must learn to manage to make it a resource.

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