Do you need to exercise to lose weight?


Aerobic or cardiovascular exercise is the most recommended to remove fat since it uses this as fuel. In addition, it also helps us lower cholesterol. Losing weight is one of the biggest concerns that exist today. Because obesity has become a serious public health problem, many people are looking for the best option every day to be able to lose a few pounds. But is it necessary to exercise to lose weight?

However, very few people actually know how much exercise they should do to get results. As you well know, there are different kinds of exercise, which will help you achieve concrete goals. Therefore, it is very important that you first know the type of exercise that you should perform. Exercising to build muscles is not the same as exercising to lose weight.

Here are some tips on how much exercise you should do to lose weight. However, remember that it is not over the opinion of a personal trainer or a specialist.

The type of exercise you should do

According to specialists, aerobic exercise is ideal for weight loss. This type of exercise is the most common and is based on the proper use of breathing. Broadly speaking, aerobic exercise uses fat as a fuel or energy source, making it excellent for reducing fat that is found under the skin.

It also has other benefits such as lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels, improving lung and oxygen capacity, firming tissues, improving cardiovascular health, among other things. Meanwhile, the most common activities of this type of exercise are running, walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc.

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How Much Exercise Should You Do to Lose Weight

According to some studies, the amount of exercise that must be performed to be able to lose weight should always be greater at 15 minutes. However, the ideal amount is 30 minutes, since that amount of time is very easy to adapt to the routine of most people, in addition to giving results and allows us to carry out other types of activities with which we can burn more fat.

For people who have the possibility of doing so, sessions of 60 or 80 minutes can have amazing results. However, this is more complicated because it involves spending a greater amount of time to exercise and have a better physical condition. If this interests you, such a goal can be achieved by getting accustomed to your body little by little.

As for the number of days you have to exercise, it is best to do it at least three times a week, especially the beginners. For people who already have more experience, the number of sessions can be increased up to about five times a week.

One recommendation is to do exercises during the week and perform other activities on weekends with which we can also burn fat. There are many options that are very fun and can be done with family or friends.

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