How to Lose Weight Quickly After Childbirth

Losing Weight

The most common question that we women want an honest answer after a pregnancy is “How long will it take before you lose weight after giving birth?”

First of all you should immediately make it clear that less purchases pounds during pregnancy and less breakage in the gym will have once given birth to your beautiful baby.

So, in the 9 months of pregnancy do as too many women always on a diet who see pregnancy as a mirage to be able to eat anything you have never granted normally, but take care of your nutrition so buy only the necessary pounds , which usually hover around 10-13kg.

However, there are some valuable tips that you can take yourself to lose weight quickly after giving birth thanks to a healthy diet rich in nutrients …

  • Never skip breakfast
  • Do not eat cakes, sweets and biscuits (for just a croissant breakfast, choose a rusk with jam or honey wire)
  • Limit the consumption of bread and pasta (eat 80g of pasta seasoned just every other day)
  • Eat more protein at lunch and dinner (especially lean meats like chicken and turkey)
  • No chocolate, fast food and soft drinks (sugars are to be avoided as much as possible)
  • Eat plenty of vegetables preferably that induces low glycemic (avoids the carrots and pumpkin)
  • If you want to eat a snack of fruit with a low glycemic index (avoids the melon)
  • Drink lots of water, tea and herbal tea without sugar

Exercises to lose belly after childbirth

The real reason why many women after childbirth, they cannot lose weight is that they put enough effort not merely to start a crazy diet, too stressful and restrictive, without making any kind of workout in the gym.

So wary of women who say “I tried everything to lose weight but with me nothing works!” Because they are the same ones that during pregnancy they start eating the impossible and then complain that they are fattened out of proportion! Try that exercise Intermittent Fasting: A Woman’s Diet Guide to Fat Loss.

Effective weight loss requires a proper diet, a targeted training program and healthy living habits, but since we are new moms. we have not too much time to ourselves and we cannot spend two hours in the gym because the child is first of all, now I propose you  a fast and effective workout program so you burn more fat and  lose weight faster.

The golden rules that form the basis of a fat burning workout made especially for us women after pregnancy are few and simple …

  • Make exercise at least 3 times a week intensive
  • Make exercise for at least 45 minutes per training session, but the ideal would be 60 minutes
  • Divide your workout in 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of toning the body
  • Upon regaining a sufficient level of training, adopt the intensive workouts burn calories as training for interval training. More on here 10 Proven Tips to Lose Weight Faster & Safely After Pregnancy.

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