Most anticipating drink on earth: Purple Drank Sizzurp

In this article, we want to examine the actual reason behind the huge popularity of Purple Drank Sizzurp. They often mention it as the king of fun drink and also the most glamorous drink on earth.  This drink mostly consumed by the young population. Since the 90s it has gained a tremendous popularity among the youth when they saw some of the great rapper promoting this as a glamorous fun drink in the media. This time around it has gained a huge appeal to the teenagers. The reason behind this is its huge promotional activities all around the electronic media.  Purple Drank has a wide range of online coverage to inspire you more to have a sip for the first time. The drink has presented in there as the best glamorous drink on earth and quite obvious, teenager and young kids get so much influence to try this very lucrative drink.

It has the active elements call codeine and promethazine. Both of them come from some over-the-counter cough syrups. This Codeine can produce a sedative effect.  Purple Drank make up with this and other attractive ingredients such as Sprite and sweet candy. The whole combination of the drink is harmless and pretty tasty. It will make you feel better and take you high. You can be so relaxed that you are out of the world. Thanks to its creator who have made this amazing cocktail for us. It’s a rhythm of life and we should enjoy every moment of our life with this tremendous drink.

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But let’s figure out why millions of young people have already got attracted by the Purple Drank. The best reasons would the Hip-hop community who are the ultimate promoter, has millions of young fans and secondly its durable purple looks. Most of the young kids took it as a delicious and harmless fun kind of drink. They don’t mind to consume as much as they want. The ingredients that have used to make this gorgeous drink are quite safe. You have cough syrup, soda, and jolly rancher candy. The codeine of cough syrup can produce some kind of dissociative feeling among the body and mind. So this amazing drink gaining its huge appeals as a highly anticipated fun drinks to the youth.

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