Accountants and Stress: What to do in this intense period?

We’re in the tunnel, that’s for sure. If you are a commercialist, you know, the rhythms are pressing. Deadlines, verifications, requests, doubts, customer meetings, dozens of emails, phone calls, check list of what to do…

For those well organized in the delegation represents a star from the sky, and it has been able to plan activities for a long time, all in all, the unexpected bump can be rectified. For those who, however, have no useful resources maybe even poorly organized in programming, things get a lot worse. In any case, stress closely accompanies the day and nights of accountants with financial statements, income statements, VAT. The days start early in the morning and end well after sunset. Often work goes through the doorstep and the laptop becomes an appendage that travels with it. Less and less breaks and coffee increases proportionally. Well (not much), but is it possible to hold months under these conditions?

As Napoleon said, I go flat because I’m in a hurry. Just when we feel excited and pressed, it is crucial to keep the clarity and calm and make strategic and non-instinctive decisions.

Anxiety needs to be managed, as it cannot be eliminated, but it is certainly handled. Needless to ignore it and get hurt from it. The vicious circle is always there lurking: the more I feel under pressure and the more anxiety increases, the more anxiety increases and the less lucidity I have, the less lucidity I feel and the more I worry about all the things still to do, the more I worry and the more stress increases. The escalations automatic and the result is so much effort, so much stress, few satisfactions, and so many doubts that fade in the mind, beginning with “who has done it”, “it would be better to make the vegetable garden or baker, surely we would be less stressed at least. ”

What do we need? To avoid vicious circles, the first thing to do is to handle stress by taking breaks. Yes, I know many things are thinking, “This one has not understood everything I have to do and that if I do not do it, I do not.” The point is that it would be better to prevent or at least break this vicious circle and it takes a bit of courage and awareness first. We see two activities that may seem simple and desirable, but many do not follow this time, so it is useful to emphasize the importance …

1) Program your days by taking pleasure in moments of leisure and rest: a walk, a beer with a friend, a chat with a friend, a park corset, a massage, two steps with your children. It needs to breathe, to recover energy and to allow creativity to get into action. So the basic rule is not to think about working at such times!

2) The second fundamental thing is to try to rest well at night, so working late is not a good idea, then better get up early in the morning. If you sleep well, try hearing your doctor, who may even give you something homeopathic or herbal medicine to reconcile sleep and rest. Remember that restful rest is crucial to be able to make the most of the day, so sleeping little or bad is not strategically a good choice.

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