43 Impressive Quotes That Can Help You Reflect On Your Anxiety

How would you define anxiety?

What are the aspects you believe describe it better?

What thoughts and fears can it be related to?

What aspects would you find most appropriate to dwell on?

What language would you use to describe such a complex emotion?

Quotes from popular persons offer important points of reflection, are easily understandable and memorable, and above all they can exert a remarkable influence on behaviors and emotions.

Here are what words had been used by the great writers of literature, art, journalism, performance and history to describe anxiety.

I have collected for you 43 quotes that surround emotions, thoughts, behaviors and beliefs closely related to this theme.

One day the fear knocked on the door. The courage went to open and found no one. – M. Luther King.

If there is a solution because you worry about it? If there is no solution because you worry about it? – Aristotle.

I still bear the wounds of unblocked battles. – Pessoa F.

If it is reflected on human existence, it is far more difficult to explain why most individuals do not experience anxiety, rather than sometimes because sometimes someone tries it.  Schneider K.

Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it. – Gibran K.

Renunciation is a daily suicide. – Balzac H. 

All you want is on the other side of fear. – Canfield J.

Anxiety is the interest you pay on a trouble before it arrives. – Inge WR.

Anxiety does not subtract the pain of tomorrow, but deprives us of today’s happiness. – Spurgeon CH.

Indecision and anxiety are for the spirit and for the soul what torture is for the body. – Chamfort N.

Almost half of all of our anguish and anxieties arise from our concern for the opinion of others. – Shopenauer.

What is worse in worse is the expectation of the worst. – Pennac D.

I see you so busy trying to find out who the others are and how they are, as if others and things for themselves were so and so. – Pirandello L.

Anxiety is a thin line of fear that creeps into the mind. If encouraged, it digs a channel in which all other thoughts are attracted. – Bloch A.

Anxiety is always a vacuum that is born between the way things are and the way we think they should be; is something that is between the real and the unreal. – Beck CJ.

Your anxiety is directly proportional to your neglect of nature, because you bring unlimited fears and desires to yourself. – Epicurus.

The anxious, in the end, fears that the worst is not going to happen. – Gervaso R.

The new narcissist is persecuted by anxiety and not by guilt. – Lasch C.

If you keep looking at the pot the water never bubbles. – King S.

Frivolity is the most beautiful answer to anxiety. – Cocteau J.

I’m not afraid of dying. It’s just that I want to be there while this happens. – Allen W.

An impotent helpless torments us, and we go for water and lands pursuing happiness. But what I’m looking for is here. – Orazio.

If you start thinking about pressure it’s just because you started contemplating bankruptcy. – Lasorda T.

Fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm is terrible, but they have never found these dangers, a reason enough to stay on shore. – Van Gogh V.

Do not strive hard, the best things happen when you least expect it. – Marquez GG.

Anxiety is a cramp of the soul. – Monduzzi G.

This tension is unbearable. Hope that you are hard. — Wilde O.

I stopped smoking. I would live a week longer and in that week it will rain. – Allen W. 

The optimist sees opportunities in every danger, the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity. – Churchill W.

Mistrust in themselves does not always shy away and insecure, but sometimes it is almost frantic; not to shake has been drunk. – Nietzsche F.

Live or die, but for God’s sake do not poison you with indecision. – Jong E.

If we are afraid of someone, it follows that we recognize a power over him. – Hesse H. 

The fear of danger is ten thousand times more chilling than the danger itself: the weight of anxiety seems to us worse than the feared evil. – Defoe D.

Man tire of good, look for the best, find evil, and be content with fear of the worst. – Bloch A. 

The difference between love and sex is that sex relieves the tensions and love causes them. – Allen W.

Men are agitated and troubled, not by things, but by the opinions, they have of things. –  Epithet.

When we hate a man, we hate in his image something within us. What is not in us does not put us into shaking. – Hesse H.

It’s okay to shake it in doubt, to rest it in error. – Manzoni A.

Man was born to live in convulsions of turmoil or in the lethargy of boredom. – Voltaire.

Be yourself, all the others are already busy. – Wilde O. 

If the man realized half the desires he had, he would double his turmoil. – Franklin B.

To be happy means to overcome the anxiety of happiness. – M. Maeterlinck 

Anxiety is the rust of the soul. – Carlos Ruiz Zafon.


As you have just read, any thoughts on anxiety might contain hope, despair, sadness, anguish, desire for redemption, propensity to change, acceptance, and anger.

There is no “normal” or “just” way of experiencing an emotion, but only your very personal way of interpreting what you feel: even what you feel is that you are suffering and unpleasant could be a precious opportunity to change and put in discussion!

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