12 Home Remedies That Control Fatigue Naturally

Home Remedies

Although it may seem a contradiction, practicing physical exercise can be a great way to combat fatigue, as it helps us activate the metabolism and improve our mood.

Fatigue can be due to multiple reasons, internal or external.

Those who suffer from it often feel much misunderstanding in their work and family environment, which do not accept that this fatigue is chronic.

In this article we share 12 remedies that control fatigue through diet and some natural alternatives.

What is the cause?

There are days when we feel tired because we have more worries or work than usual because we have not rested well or for any other reason.

However, for some people fatigue is a common occurrence that may be due to some unknown factors:

  • Do we digest gluten well? There are many people who are unaware that, although they are not celiac, they do not digest gluten well, which is the protein present in cereals such as wheat, barley or rye.
  • How our liver is: A liver that is overloaded or does not function properly can also cause fatigue.
  • Attention to the kidneys: According to traditional Chinese medicine, the kidneys regulate the energy of the body.
  • A weakened thyroid: Those who suffer from hypothyroidism or a predisposition to suffer from this disease also experience great fatigue and lack of energy without reason.
  • Insomnia? It is obvious that if we do not rest well at night, even if we are lying down for many hours, the body will not recover the energy and we will wake up even more tired than at night.
Home Remedies
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Remedies to overcome fatigue

1) Homemade juices

The juices of fruits and vegetables made at home are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that will bring us great vitality.

2) Shakes

Milkshakes are more satiating than juices as they include fiber ingredients.

In addition, we can add cereals, nuts, vegetable drinks, seeds and supplements. 

3) Magnesium

This mineral is related to the energy of the body, as well as to the functioning of the musculature. To obtain it in adequate quantities we can consume foods rich in magnesium, or take it as a supplement.

4) Oats

The oats deserves its own apparatus in this article, because it is a cereal that brings a lot of vitality but nevertheless can consume even want to control weight as it has lots of fiber and is very satiating.

It also regulates the nervous system and helps us control disorders such as nervousness or anxiety.

5) Ginseng supplement

Ginseng is a good remedy to always have on hand and take when we need an extra energy against fatigue.

However, we should not treat it continuously for too long.

6) Cinnamon and honey

We can prepare a mixture of honey with cinnamon powdered cinnamon and take a teaspoon every day in the morning.

Cinnamon stimulates our body, among many other properties, and honey is a very nutritious food that helps us to obtain energy quickly.

7) Reduce salt

Salt steals our energy and makes us feel more and more fatigue. For this reason, in addition to taking remedies that give us energy, we also have to avoid those that take it away.

We will consume it in small quantities and always choose sea salt. 

8) Protein

We need good sources of protein to overcome fatigue, not just animal. Here we have good sources of vegetable protein:

  • Vegetables.
  • Nuts.
  • Seeds.
  • Avocado.

9) Drink water

We have said that the kidneys are related to energy levels. Thereforedrinking enough water throughout the day can also help us put an end to fatigue.

10. Integral feeding

Refined foods harm our health, accumulate toxins and weaken us progressively.

In contrast, whole foods, rich in fiber, are much more nutritious and make us feel full of vitality. 

11) Maca

The maca is considered a superfood Andean tuber. It is rich in nutrients and acts as a stimulant, aphrodisiac and hormonal regulator. 

12) Exercise

The best way to overcome fatigue is to make the over-exertion exercise, even if it costs us more than any other person.

In this way we will activate our metabolism in a gradual way while improving our mood and we feel more eager to follow a more active rhythm.

We should do average intensity exercise at least twice a week.

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